Welcome to the Islamic Center of Vernon

Islamic center of Vernon was established to provide a place to worship all Muslims living in the nearby area.  we strive to provide a true understanding of Religion of Islam to the whole community in the light of Holy book Quran and authentic Hadith. we intend to provide an Islamic Environment and Comprehensive Islamic Education to the next generation.

The Islamic Center of Vernon was founded with the primary objective of offering a dedicated space for Muslims in the local community to engage in worship and spiritual activities. Our mission extends beyond mere prayer; we are committed to fostering a genuine and profound understanding of the Islamic faith within the broader community. Grounded in the teachings of the Holy Quran and authentic Hadith, we aspire to illuminate the principles and values that define Islam.

Serving with Islamic values

Dedicated to providing traditional Islamic education and community services that Muslims with the support and knowledge they need and deserve in a nurturing and understanding environment. Encouraging community members to become strong, knowledgeable members of the community to make positive contributions to our faith and society as a whole.